Attention to detail…Maggie’s story

Maggie is a 75-year-old woman with learning difficulties who enjoys being active, and especially loves to go for walks. She lived with her mother until five years ago and is now supported by her brother who takes charge of her finances. She also employs a befriender to help her with her shopping.

Maggie had little confidence in her abilities and was initially very resistant to change with Care Support. She sometimes became aggressive when her routine was disrupted and was anxious as to how she would cope with new faces around.

A member of the Care Support team took the time to identify what Maggie’s anxieties were around being able to remember names and worked with her to resolve these issues by creating a list of all her dedicated workers. This, along with each team member wearing a name badge when they made a visit and pointing to where their name appeared on her list they had made together, really helped Maggie build up trust with the Care Support team.

Now Maggie feels more confident and is delighted she is able to remember our names, which was really important to her. She is cooking for herself and has help from Care Support with bathing and doing her laundry. Most importantly she now trusts us enough to ask for support from any of the team when she needs it. The naming issue was important to Maggie and Care Support always respects clients own priorities – big or small.

I was very anxious I would not be able to remember names. This might sound silly but having a list we created together with name badges made me feel more confident, eased my mind and built up trust. I was so happy I had remembered them all after just two weeks.