Care Support as Expert Partner

Care Support’s experience in providing the care and support in a number of extra care schemes, its own experience of developing the extra care offer and its management teams’ passion for making the whole concept work means that it is keen to add value to the sector as a whole.

This means that, as well as tendering for new business, it is always willing to become involved in:

  • Local authority market engagement opportunities
  • Early developmental partnership work with local authorities or housing associations at the design and build, remodelling or pre-tender specification design stages including detailed critiques of proposed plans from a care and support perspective.
  • discussions around different models, pricing, usage, core service design, feasibility and risk
  • specific, more formal, partnering for combined design, build and care delivery tenders
  • Short notice assumption of care and support responsibilities in a ‘caretaking’ role prior to re-tender where care and support contracts end unexpectedly early.

Care Support has already been instrumental in advising a number of local authorities on pricing, build design (from a usage perspective), developing models of delivery, potential for alternative usage and has also been involved with the Housing LIN ‘Capturing Best Practice in Extra Care Housing Video Guides’ project.

For an initial discussion on any of the above topics, please contact