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Self-determination and Choice…Colin’s Story

Colin is tetraplegic following a spinal injury. He has no family support and was referred to Care Support’s extended care facility. The 61-year-old often became suicidal and has made suicide attempts.

Two years ago he put in a complaint regarding his care calls. Colin’s complaint was that he felt he needed a consistent early morning call; without it he was in extreme discomfort and his quality of life was being negatively affected.

Care Support prides itself on taking complaints very seriously, the situation was investigated and we worked together with Colin to provide the best outcome for his care needs. His daily routines were changed to ensure that he consistently had his morning call early.

With Colin’s serious medical need taken care of, and encouragement given by all staff, he has now progressed in self-confidence and happiness. He has gone from a regime of four double-staff care calls per day, to just two single-staff calls.

Thanks to modifications made to his apartment Colin, who has some use of his hands, is able to care for his own personal needs to a large extent, and to get in and out of bed. He can wash and dress his upper body while staff assist him with his lower body. He cooks his meals, and is mobile on his electric scooter. He adapts his clothes with a sewing machine, which Care Support obtained for him and plays a full part in all residents’ activities, and is even the chair of the Residents’ Committee.

Care Support worked with me to agree a daily routine that works around my needs. I have gone from four double staff calls a day to just two single staff calls. I am much happier and my quality of life has improved tremendously – I’m even adapting my own clothes on a sewing machine and am now the chair of the Residents Committee.


Elderly lady who has left a testimonial for Care Support

“I am very happy with my carers. They treat me very nicely and with respect and honour. I really love having them around and to Care Support, your services are very satisfactory. Keep it up.”

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