I am very proud of how the staff have dealt with and continue to deal with the current pandemic, I could not have asked for any more from the staff. They have faced trials every day and continue to deliver care to the best of their abilities. While having a smile on their face and placing the service users’ needs above their own.

While this is a challenging time, we have welcomed a number of new staff to the team across all of the Essex branches. All new recruits have settled in well and continue to show their newfound passion for care.

At Ethelburga court we put up our Halloween decorations which has been an annual tradition, which all the residents enjoy. Unlike other years where we were able to hold our Halloween parties this year there was social distance celebrations which included the scheme coordinator wearing her fancy dress.

The office team at Dreywood has received a gift of flowers and chocolates from the care staff as a thank you which was greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, we have had to put our actives on hold for the time being, due to the new guidance we are working closely with the housing providers in order to reopen them again as soon as we can.

Across Essex we are ensuring that our service users wellbeing is maintained throughout covid and we are all looking forward to the time when we can be in the same room laughing and having fun again.