I am very proud of how the staff have dealt with and continue to deal with the current pandemic, I could not have asked for any more from the staff. They have faced trials every day and continue to deliver care to the best of their abilities. While having a smile on their face and placing the service users’ needs above their own.


We recently have had a Jamaican themed afternoon tea where a local Caribbean restaurant donated all the food for the service users which everyone enjoyed.

Some of the activities are back up and running (social distancing of course) this has included things like our knitting club and making hanging baskets with spider plants (donated by our Head of Operations and Compliance). It has been great to see more service users attending our activities and meeting the new service users.

A lot more is planned over the coming months and we will keep you updated!

Dreywood Court

The staff at Dreywood have all pulled together and are working well as team.

We are currently planning plenty of activities for when to communal areas are open, Dreywood love to hold coffee mornings, for a number of different charities. While we are unable to hold the usual coffee, cake, and chat mornings we are currently holding raffles, tombola’s, and other social distancing fundraising events. While the service users are all welcoming the “new normal”

We will keep you posted on the upcoming events

Elizabeth Gardens

We have been working closely with our service users to ensure, that they are coping with the changes that have been put in place.

Our service users have restarted their weekly drinks night and knitting club (social distancing of course) it is a joy to hear the service users having social interaction with each other. We have received a poster form the local nursey that come and sing to our services users saying they are missing us and will be back as soon they are allowed

We received a donation for fish and chips from the local take away for all service users, and staff.