Across the whole of Barking and Dagenham we have decided to start collecting for the local food bank, we feel strongly that no one in our borough should go hungry, and with these current difficult times we want to do all we can to support our community.

Harp House

They have recently been enjoying some activities supported by one of our care workers, they have been getting all arts and crafty with making a start on some Christmas cards and making bracelets out of beads. I am not sure if it’s the activities they are enjoying or the cakes that get made each time by one of the other residents, but either way they are all having good fun, and abiding by the social distancing rule.

Darcy House:

Even with the current pandemic this did not stop Darcy House raising £70.00 for McMillian with a coffee morning, Darcy House residents are always so community minded and will get behind any charity to give their support especially if there is tea and cake involved!

Colin Pond and Fred Tibble Court

Continuing to keep their spirits up and look after one and other and the atmosphere in both schemes is wonderful with so many of the residents going out of their way to support one and another, its lovely to see.