Whitley Court 

Whitley Court opened the pool table which Service Users had to book in advance.

Musical Bingo was able to take place in the restaurant this month (social distancing in place). this is bookable in advance also.

Halloween quiz given to all Service Users prize for the winners.

There is a sweet Trolley every Friday in reception this is very popular with Service Users.

We have been busy supporting service users who are continuing to self-isolate with their shopping, whilst ensuring we also support to contact their family and friends. Staff at Whitley Court have been supporting Service Users who are continuing to self-isolate with shopping and contacting their family and friends.

Dunboyne Court

We have also been supporting Service Users with shopping and contacting family and friends, also ensuring that we spend time with Service Users to support them and reduce any anxieties they may have about COVID 19

We have identified the anxieties of the Service Users have risen due to them being aware of the increasing numbers of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Torbay.

This month we plan to ensure all Service Users feel supported we will spend time with them to play board games and other activities in their own flats. Halloween quiz given to Service Users prize for the winners.

Across both schemes there is less activity in main areas due to the second wave of COVID 19. Staff across both schemes are working hard to ensure Service Users do not feel isolated.

Message to my Teams:

I would like to thank you all for all your commitment and hard work that you have given to both the Service Users and Care Support.

I am very proud to be your manager you all do an amazing job and provide a fantastic service within the schemes.