Amber Court 

In October we had a fun filled Arts and Crafts afternoon. With tables set up with different activities from colouring, to painting, to scrapbooking and we even had the tablets out for some of our residents.

Unfortunately, this was to be our last activity in the Hub due to the London experiencing tighter COVID restrictions.

This has not stopped us from delivering some activities to those at Amber Court.

We are now having two walks a week over the Olympic park, one for exercise and one where the clients can continue to express their artistic abilities.

Our gardening project is coming along nicely. We have cleared away a lot of weeds to make room to plant some tulips, that will come through in the spring. We are also clearing another area to turn in to a fruit and vegetable patch. The residents have been hard at work to get the garden looking good to make it easier to plant everything in the spring, so watch this space!