Gordon Colling House

This month has seen lots of fundraising- We have had a service user knit a number of soft toys, another handmake necklaces  and all proceeds to the Christmas activity fund, we have another service user crochet poppies for the poppy appeal. Another positive of covid where people have found time to do this, enhancing their skills  for worthy causes. Later on this month we have a service user who has decided to cycle around Bedford for Cancer research, he has 2 care workers supporting him and lots of input from his keyworker in helping to raise money- a door to door coffee morning is being planned- a cake with specially designed cake topper, coffee bought to the door and a cancer myth busting quiz. All this hidden talent I feel a Bedford has got talent show coming on…………

St Bedes

So we have had a service user do an  incredible Elvis impression- ‘aint nothing but a hound dog’ , recorded at his request on his call to send to us. It was absolutely brilliant and made my  day, but as always up for a challenge, the coordinator and myself are planning to respond with our own version – we have put it out there to ask others to show us there Elvis skills ….staff and service users!

This has caused quite a stir and a lot of folk all shook up at the thought!


Christmas prep is being planned behind the scenes, lock down or social distancing it doesn’t matter where there is a will there is a safe way……the scheme manager and housing provider are competing with our other scheme in ensuring the best Christmas possible- this is great news to me as I manage both so have already won! We have a number of ideas to ensure Christmas happens in extra care by hook or by crook…… this leads us on to pantomime planning………….We are prepared to give up our own time to ensure we perform in groups of 6 if able x 10 to give everyone a chance to laugh at us attempting to dress up and act all in the name of making people happy! It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!